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Vanessa Research Proudly Supports Rare Disease Day 2020

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February 28, 2020 - Hamden, Connecticut

Vanessa Research (VR)—a New Haven-based biomedical company committed to improving patient quality of life by developing innovative products and solutions in areas of unmet medical needs— will support and participate in Rare Disease Day 2020 for the second year. Dr. Dmitry Kravtsov, VP of Research and Development at VR, will be serving as a Rare Disease Ambassador at Quinnipiac University’s North Haven Campus on February 28th, 2020 at 1:00PM. Dr. Kravtsov will be available to discuss the impact of his work with Microvillus Inclusion Disease (MVID)—a rare, pediatric, gastrointestinal disorder—with other attendees.

25-30 million Americans are impacted by rare diseases—rare being defined as any disease that affects less than 200,000 people in the U.S. Each year on the last day of February, a month known for its “rare” number of days, the rare disease community coalesces to raise awareness for the one in ten Americans suffering from rare diseases.

The global theme for Rare Disease Day 2020 is “Equity.” This theme embodies working together worldwide “towards more equitable access to diagnosis, treatment, care and social opportunity”1 for those living with a rare disease.

Commenting on his upcoming role, Dr. Kravtsov stated: “The rarity of MVID makes medical research on the condition difficult for caregivers and doctors alike. As a Rare Disease Ambassador, I hope to raise awareness on MVID and expand public knowledge of rare diseases—of which more than half of the affected population are children.”

VR has been dedicated to raising awareness about MVID since its inception, recently by writing a white paper in 2019 that is the first and only comprehensive case analysis that summarizes data trends across all known literature of MVID, and sharing our knowledge of MVID in an interview with Health Professional Radio. VR has also made significant strides within the rare disease community including gaining approval to conduct phase II clinical trials of Shylicine®, the first-ever investigational treatment developed for MVID. Participating in Rare Disease Day 2020 provides another opportunity for VR to further their initiative of shedding light on MVID and their ongoing mission to “give hope where none existed.”

About Vanessa Research

Vanessa Research (VR) is a biomedical company founded on the desire to “give hope where none existed” by making an impact on healthcare markets that are often overlooked. VR’s continually expanding pipeline of innovative pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer and public health products reflects the company’s inventive nature and commitment to delivering solutions that increase access to quality care. The company’s flagship product, Shylicine®, is the first-ever drug developed to treat the rare, lethal microvillus inclusion disease.

VR is based in New Haven, Connecticut, with offices in Budapest, Hungary; Munich, Germany; and Navarre, Spain.

Contact Information

Christina McGrath
Director of Marketing and Communications
Vanessa Research
925 Sherman Avenue,
Hamden, CT 06514 USA

To attend Rare Disease Day at Quinnipiac please register and visit: QU Rare Disease Day 2020

Event Location and Time: 

Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine 370 Bassett Road, North Haven, CT 06473 Room MNH 101 February 28th at 1:00PM 

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