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Giving hope where none existed

Vanessa Biotech is a global biomedical company committed to making an impact on healthcare markets that are often overlooked.

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Vanessa Research is now Vanessa Biotech

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Our company

The cornerstone of our company is “research”: everyone, from senior scientist to intern, is involved in the research of new ideas, technologies, and markets. Our core area of research is diarrheal diseases such as cholera, and the rare genetic microvillus inclusion disease.

Vanessa Biotech has etched its niche in developing innovative products by commercializing complex ideas with simple solutions. This is done by creating a respectful teamwork environment conducive to open unrestrained dialog and invention.

The company’s mission is to enhance shareholder value, to provide a positive stable work environment for all employees, and to deliver healthcare products that improve and increase access to care while decreasing the costs of healthcare delivery.

Our life saving research

Our team at Vanessa Biotech is working on the first medicine that can treat microvillus inclusion disease, with the ultimate goal of eliminating the patient’s dependence on intravenous nutrition or TPN, and the need for a bowel transplant.

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Products & Services

Our founding vision is to make an impact on healthcare markets that are often overlooked, because they fall into the “rare” or “less profitable” category. Our continually expanding pipeline reflects this desire to address these unmet market needs, as well as our commitment to delivering healthcare products that increase access and improve quality of care for our patients and customers.

A novel cocktail formulated with the goal of reversing the imbalance of intestinal secretion and absorption caused by microvillus inclusion disease.
[patent pending]

Changing the paradigm for MVID

HunaZine™ is developed to neutralize lethal diarrhea induced by the cholera toxin.
[patent pending]

Developed to neutralize cholera

Full-scale GMP pharmaceutical contract manufacturing with a reputation for quality and agility.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing services

Our Team

To accomplish our mission, we’ve brought together a diverse team of scientists, engineers, business professionals, and academics drawn from the global talent pool; our team includes an eclectic blend of backgrounds and cultures.

Despite our diversity, we all share a common goal and passion to make an impact. To this end, we are “giving hope where none existed.”


Our free-thinking culture empowers us to dream of innovative products and solutions. Our company was founded on the desire to build a sustainable, innovative, entrepreneurial organization to create novel healthcare solutions in areas of unmet needs.


Our flagship product, Shylicine™, is a cocktail designed to improve prognosis and quality of life for children with microvillus inclusion disease (MVID). Other products in our growing portfolio provide ingenious solutions in the fields of gastrointestinal diseases, laboratory research and skin care.


At Vanessa Biotech, we are committed to improving access to care while decreasing the cost of healthcare delivery for patients whose needs have been previously overlooked. By addressing these markets, we give hope where none existed.


ShylicineTM Granted Positive Opinion on Orphan Drug Designation

Vanessa Research Proudly Supports Rare Disease Day 2020

Vanessa Research (VR)—a New Haven based biomedical company committed to improving patient quality of life by developing innovative products and solutions in areas of unmet medical needs— will support and participate in Rare Disease Day 2020 for their second year. Dr. Dmitry Kravtsov, VP of Research and Development at VR, will be serving as a […]

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Vanessa Research Interviews with Pharma Boardroom to Highlight their Expansion into the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Realm

Vanessa Research shares their organizational growth and strategic objectives with healthcare professionals worldwide BUDAPEST, January 16, 2020 — Vanessa Research, (VR) — a biomedical company transforming the healthcare landscape by developing and commercializing innovative products in areas of unmet medical needs— participated in an interview with Pharma Boardroom, the premier website for C-Level executives, consultants, […]
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Vanessa Research is now Vanessa Biotech

Vanessa Research, the Hamden Connecticut-based biomedical company producing innovative products for unmet medical needs, announced that it is changing its name to Vanessa Biotech.

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