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Vanessa Research Interviews with Health Professional Radio to Highlight a Rare, Genetic Disease

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May 8, 2019 - Hamden, Connecticut

Vanessa Research brings awareness of Microvillus Inclusion Disease to healthcare professionals worldwide

HAMDEN, CT, May 8, 2019 — Vanessa Research, Inc. (VRI)a biomedical company transforming the healthcare landscape by developing and commercializing innovative products in areas of unmet medical needs participated in an interview with Health Professional Radio (HPR), a health-dedicated media channel that targets medical professionals primarily in hospital-based environments. Dr. Dmitry Kravtsov, M.D, Vice President of Research and Development at VRI, joined HPR to provide expert knowledge on the very rare, genetic microvillus inclusion disease (MVID). The interview is available at

During the interview, Dr. Kravtsov addressed treatment options for MVID, a pediatric disease that afflicts infants with persistent and severe diarrhea resulting in malnutrition, stunted growth, and, in most cases, significantly shortened lifespans. He provided insight on how his strong interest for biomedical research caused him to lead the development team at VRI in creating a patented, non-invasive treatment for MVID called Shylicine®. As part of the program, Dr. Kravtsov also discussed VRI’s white paper, “Addressing the Microvillus Inclusion Disease Knowledge Gap – A Comprehensive Case Analysis,” which is the first and only exhaustive analysis that summarizes data trends across all known literature on MVID.

In response to a question posed about the MVID knowledge gap, Dr. Kravtsov stated: “The current knowledge gap is that yes, the disease is known however it’s only known to…a handful of physicians and a handful of pediatricians in the world. [Most healthcare professionals] are completely unaware of the disease and worse, since this is a rare disease, there’s only a few hundred of cases that have been reported…it’s a huge gap in the understanding between the public and the general medical community.”    

By addressing and raising awareness of this rare disease, VRI furthers its ongoing mission to serve overlooked healthcare markets. VRI plans to continue its global spread of information on this lethal disease, fulfilling the company’s mission to “give hope where none existed.’’

About Vanessa Research

Vanessa Research, Inc. (VRI) is a biomedical company founded on the desire to “give hope where none existed” by making an impact on healthcare markets that are often overlooked. VRI’s continually-expanding pipeline of innovative pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer and public health products reflects the company’s inventive nature and commitment to delivering solutions that increase access to quality care. The company’s flagship product, ShylicineTM, is the first-ever drug developed to treat the rare, lethal microvillus inclusion disease.

VRI is based in Hamden, Connecticut, with offices in Farmington, Connecticut; London, England; Budapest, Hungary; and Navarre, Spain.

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