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Our free thinking culture empowers us to dream of products and solutions that are giving hope where none existed.

We provide patients and customers with hope by creating effective solutions in the areas of clinical care, biomedical research and technology. Our approach to find effective solutions is centered around collaboration versus working in silos. We believe that the most innovative ideas are inspired by a fusion of multiple professional perspectives.

This is accomplished by an open culture that promotes an out-of-the-box perspective in an environment where no idea is too daunting.


Our strength is the melting pot of professionals working in unison on all of our projects.

Our diverse team is drawn from the global talent pool and includes an eclectic blend of professions, backgrounds and cultures. We have members who specialize in the areas of bio-medical research, engineering, medicine, business development and product commercialization.

Such a working culture endorses innovative thinking, research advancements and a company structure that fosters interconnectivity.


We develop innovative solutions that improve the quality of life for our patients and customers.

We strive to understand the population we serve by reaching into the community through forums and involvement. Our current portfolio include a treatment for Microvillus Inclusion Disease (MVID), medical solution for cervical incompetence and products for tissue freezing, sun safety and skin care.

Our team of scientists, engineers, and business experts work in unison, devoted to “giving hope where none existed”.