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Vanessa Research Acquires Hungaro-Gal, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant, for the Production of Investigational Treatment

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October 9, 2019 - Hamden, Connecticut

Vanessa Research (VR)—a biomedical company committed to improving patient quality of life by developing innovative products and solutions in areas of unmet medical needs—has acquired Hungaro-Gal, a Hungarian pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company. Per the acquisition, Vanessa Research Holdings Inc. (VRI) will continue Hungaro-Gal’s contract manufacturing services and intends to maintain and grow their existing customer base. Additionally, VRI plans to utilize their facilities to produce Shylicine®, the company’s investigational oral solution developed to treat the rare and lethal microvillus inclusion disease.

Operating out of certified facilities in Kaposvár, Hungary—a small town with a noteworthy, centuries-old tradition in pharmacy—Hungaro-Gal services a growing market need for generic drug substances and fixed dose combinations. For decades, Hungaro-Gal has been the regional center of the Hungarian pharmacy distribution network and small-scale pharmaceutical manufacturing; and for the past two centuries, Hungary has been the most important supplier of medicine for Eastern Europe. Due to Hungary’s well-qualified and cost-effective labor force, outstanding logistical network, and easily accessible location, the country has become a hub for manufacturing and R&D activities for drug and biotech companies.

Bence Krümmer, Managing Director, commented that: “For the past two decades, Hungaro-Gal has provided full-scale manufacturing services that are renowned for their quality and agility and trusted by their partners. It is Vanessa Research’s firm intention to build upon existing customer relationships, keep them and service them, just as Hungaro-Gal has for the last 20 years. Vanessa Research is honored to continue producing the highest quality pharmaceutical and consumer health products and serving pharmacy partners.”

With a continually expanding pipeline as well as offices in Győr and Budapest, Hungary, VRI’s acquisition of Hungaro-Gal signifies an expansion of their existing footprint in Hungary as well as their entrance into the pharmaceutical contract manufacturing business. This transaction also represents a critical step towards VRI’s mission to “give hope where none existed.”

About Vanessa Research

Vanessa Research, Inc. (VRI) is a biomedical company founded on the desire to “give hope where none existed” by making an impact on healthcare markets that are often overlooked. VRI’s continually expanding pipeline of innovative medicine, medical devices, and consumer and public health products reflects the company’s inventive nature and commitment to delivering solutions that increase access to quality care. The company’s flagship products, Shylicine® and Hunazine® are the first-ever drug developed to treat the rare, lethal microvillus inclusion disease and a treatment designed to neutralize the cholera toxin, respectively.

VRI is based in Hamden, Connecticut, with offices in Farmington, Connecticut; London, England; Budapest, Hungary; and Navarre, Spain.

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