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Vanessa Research Undergoes a Business Expansion, Opening a Branch Office in Győr, Hungary

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October 17, 2019 - Hamden, Connecticut

Vanessa Research—a biomedical company transforming the healthcare landscape by developing and commercializing innovative products in areas of unmet medical needs—recently underwent a business expansion by opening a branch office in Győr, Hungary to facilitate the ongoing development of their inventive products. With an office currently located in Budapest, Vanessa Research is also expanding their existing footprint in Hungary.

Located on the campus of Széchenyi István University, the office serves as an innovation hub for Vanessa Research where their primary focus will be cultivating SOLAWARE®—a complete sun safety solution that provides tools to promote UV awareness, education, and protection – including the SOLAWARE Index®, a conversion of the standard UV index into the number of minutes until skin damage can be expected under local conditions without protection. The facility will be initially staffed by a team of three bright engineers lead by a senior engineer who is an alumnus of the university. Vanessa Research intends to continuously engage more and more students and experts to maintain and grow operations. Soon, SOLAWARE® will be used to inform, educate, and protect the students, visitors, and staff members of the university. “This impressive facility will help to further develop our innovative products as well as provide the students with a unique opportunity to collaborate and enhance their innovative thinking by solving real challenges of real products,” stated László Dinca, Managing Director.

The Széchenyi István University, named after one of the greatest Hungarian thinkers and innovators, provides education as well as promotes research work in multiple fields including engineering, IT, and health—making the facility an optimal location for Vanessa Research’s product development. “Győr, and more specifically the Széchenyi István University, has a tremendous pool of talents, which greatly influenced our decision to work with the university in some capacity,” Dinca said. Due to the university’s ideal situation in the center of Central Europe’s golden triangle, it also became a prominent automotive center where they currently house one of the world’s largest engine factories, Audi Hungaria. Audi Hungaria operates an innovation laboratory with trainee students called Innolab which is adjacent to Vanessa Research’s office.

Dr. Tibor Dőry, Head of the Management Campus Competency Center at the Széchenyi István University (SZE), stated: “We welcome the launch of the innovation hub of a U.S. based company, advanced in biomedical research, in Győr. The main objectives of the SZE corporate cooperation platform are to enhance the research results created at the university, develop its industrial utilization, and improve the channels of the corporate research and innovation needs, as well as the support of start-up and spin-off companies.

“In this respect, it is particularly pleasing that the University hosts research projects of international significance that will appear in products on the global market. Collaboration can also serve as a model for local small- and medium-sized enterprises who, in the near future, can learn the model of innovation development through training programs organized by the Management Campus.”

On behalf of Vanessa Research Dinca expressed, “We would like to take this opportunity to thank the great team of Széchenyi István University and all of those who made it possible to be a part of this prestigious university.”

About Vanessa Research

Vanessa Research (VR) is a biomedical company founded on the desire to “give hope where none existed” by making an impact on healthcare markets that are often overlooked. VR’s continually expanding pipeline of innovative medicine, medical devices, and consumer and public health products reflects the company’s inventive nature and commitment to delivering solutions that increase access to quality care. The company’s flagship products, Shylicine® and Hunazine® are the first-ever drug developed to treat the rare, lethal microvillus inclusion disease and a treatment designed to neutralize the cholera toxin, respectively.

VR is based in Hamden, Connecticut, with offices in Farmington, Connecticut; London, England; Budapest, Győr, and Kaposvár, Hungary; and Navarre, Spain.

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