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Connecticut-based Biomedical Start-up Launches Innovative Cryopreservation Device

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November 5, 2018 - Hamden, Connecticut

Seal’N Freeze is the first-ever product designed for batch cryopreservation of tissue samples.

Vanessa Research Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of Seal’N Freeze, a compact device designed for the simultaneous cryogenic freezing of multiple tissue samples. Seal’N Freeze was developed to improve upon the standard laboratory process for snap-freezing tissue samples to be used in cryostat sectioning. The U.S. cryostat market is estimated to be worth over $1B annually, yet Seal’N Freeze is the first product to address the growing need for the hands-free batch processing of samples.


The product line includes a cryopreservation box with a platform for placing the custom Seal’N Freeze disposable plastic tray; which consists of four easy-to-separate molds to allow pathologists and lab workers to process multiple samples at the same time. Labs performing this type of work can now increase their efficiency and gain the freedom to perform other tasks (such as preparing their next batch of samples) while freezing takes place.

The Seal’N Freeze box is designed to be used with custom plastic trays, which can freeze four tissue samples simultaneously.

The concept for Seal’N Freeze was developed by former Yale University researcher, Dr. Dmitry Kravtsov, who felt that the standard procedure for freezing tissue samples, which involves patiently holding each individual sample above a beaker of freezing media with forceps – and repeating the process for each additional sample – was wasting a tremendous amount of his staff’s time. Kravtsov realized the potential for labs to streamline this process, freeing up time to perform other tasks.


“Every lab should be run like a business, and the time that staff spends just standing, waiting for one sample to freeze is a loss of productivity, because that task will fully occupy several minutes of their time – and just for a single sample” Kravtsov commented. “It can really add up for any team that performs cryopreservation on a somewhat regular basis.”


Kravtsov was also frustrated by the inconvenience of bulky equipment, given the notorious space limitations of a typical lab. Consequently, the box – which is smaller than a child’s lunchbox – features a compact and portable design, suitable for even the most cluttered environment.

Seal’N Freeze began as a project of the Qunnipiac University Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, a program that aims to turn ideas into viable business solutions; and its development was made possible by funding received from CTNext, an organization focused on offering support to Connecticut entrepreneurs to foster innovation and promote job creation in the state. The product is now one of several innovations produced and marketed by the team of entrepreneurs at Vanessa Research, a biomedical start-up located in Hamden.


In addition to Seal’N Freeze, Vanessa Research has created the SOLawareTM Display, a device that could be found informing beach and park visitors of local UV conditions and sun safety tips across CT this summer, and KLAREXbalmTM, an all-natural and petroleum-free approach to tattoo aftercare. The team’s main focus is the development of the company’s flagship product, ShylicineTM – the first-ever drug designed to treat the rare and lethal pediatric disorder, microvillus inclusion disease.

Dr. Dmitry Kravtsov (pictured right) now serves as the Vice President of Research and Development at CT-based biomedical start-up, Vanessa Research, Inc. Dr. Kravtsov is pictured with Dr. Ludmila I. Kvochina, Director of Research & Development Laboratory at Vanessa Research.

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Vanessa Research is based in Hamden, Connecticut, with offices in Farmington, Connecticut; London, England; Budapest, Hungary; and Navarre, Spain. VRI was founded on the desire to build a 21st Century, sustainable, innovative, entrepreneurial organization by bringing together a collection of diverse scientists, engineers, business professionals, and academics to create solutions in medicine. The company’s mission is to “give hope where none existed” by delivering healthcare products that improve and increase access to quality care while decreasing costs.


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