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Our continually expanding pipeline reflects our desire to innovate solutions and address unmet market needs.


Our founding vision is to make an impact on healthcare markets that are often overlooked, because they fall into the “rare” or “less profitable” category. Our continually expanding pipeline reflects this desire to address these unmet market needs, as well as our commitment to delivering healthcare products that increase access and improve quality of care for our patients and customers.

An all-natural, paraben-free, vegan aftercare balm developed to treat severely damaged skin.

A medical device designed to keep an incompetent cervix closed to prevent pre-term delivery.

A uniquely precision-thin scalpel, designed to be a cost-effective alternative to state-of-the-art instruments currently on the market.

Our Research

The cornerstone of our company is “research”: everyone, from senior scientist to intern, is involved in the research of new ideas, technologies, and markets. Our core area of research is diarrheal diseases such as cholera and the rare genetic microvillus inclusion disease.

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